Monday, May 15, 2006

Days Thirteen and Fourteen

The Callaway plant had an unexpected shutdown on Friday so that meant a lot of weekend work for Thad. Basically our weekend went something like this, Thad went to work on Friday from 7 - 3, came home went to sleep. Went back to work from 11pm to 7am on Saturday, came home went to sleep. Repeat the pattern pretty much for the whole weekend. Anyways, we didn't ride the bus at all on Saturday and of course it doesn't run on Sundays.
Someone placed an letter to the editor on Thursday that said some pretty mean things about us as a family. Of course, because this person is a COWARD, he/she didn't include their name. Let me just respond to the letter by saying, yep you're right, I am too cheap to buy all the gas I've been buying. 465.00/month is a lot and if you think there's something wrong with practicing a little conservation, well I can't help you change you're mind.
Now having said that, I do agree (as does just about everyone I've spoken too including folks at Columbia Transit) that Columbia is woefully underserved by our bus system and needs a fresh start. We can all have a hand in it but we're not going to get anywhere by negativity.
So, if the author of the letter happens to read this post, come out of the shadows and participate in the change in a positive way. Together we can make a difference.
Sande, Sammy, and Melinda will be back on the bus Monday to run errands.


At 7:13 AM, Anonymous CT Bus Driver said...

Dear Simmon Family and readers...Good Morning.Thank you for cool and professional way with your project,I like it.I am a bus driver,CT is doing a great job.We all can participate in good positive way to make defferent for the best.All passengers and employee at Columbia Transit.


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