Thursday, May 25, 2006

Days 23 through 25

On Tuesday we didn't take the bus. Thad is STILL wrapped up in this unplanned shutdown at the nuclear plant and is now having to work 12 hours a day. Sande had a busy day as well but it did not involve the bus. Thad's two older kids, Skye and Noah, are out of school for the year and are here now for a long visit. They both live with their mom in St. Louis and are here every other weekend and on a two week rotation during the summer (typical split parenting arrangement).
Anyway, we picked the kids up Tuesday night after Thad got off from work and didn't get home until after 11pm. That may not sound late to some but to us, its REAL LATE.
On Wednesday, Thad's mom, Melinda was going to move to her new apartment in Oak Towers and so Sande and the kids went over to help out, on the bus.

Sande, Skye, Noah, and Sammy walked down to our regular stop at Rice and Osage and of course, as is his custom, Sammy fell down on the sidewalk and skinned his knee. Poor kid, those knees are NEVER GOING TO HEAL!!!
We did manage to make it to the bus on time so we didn't have to partake in our other ritual which is to miss the bus entirely and have to walk to the next stop and catch it on the way back.
Sande and the kids got on the Blue Line headed West at 8:25 and headed over to Oak Towers. There's no transfer necessary to get to Oak Towers so it's real easy to do.
Everyone worked real hard and got Grandma moved into her new place (well mostly, Thad will be going over there on Saturday morning to move the really heavy stuff). The new apartment is super nice and a lot bigger than her old studio apartment.
After the moving, Sande and the kids got back on the Blue Line and headed home. They were back home at around 11:30, in time for Sammy to get his nap on time and have some lunch.

Today, Thursday, Sande and the kids got back on the bus. This time we all headed out to downtown for the day. The first stop was the Columbia Library. We got on the Blue Line headed West and transferred to the Red Line west at Wabash and headed over to the Library.

It was super great to see Esam on the bus when we got on. We also got to see another favorite passenger, Charlie. He's a taxi driver for Reliable Taxi service here in town and uses the bus to run his errands during his off time. We seem to see him quite often and he and Sammy have become good friends. In fact, whenever we get on the bus, "Where's Charlie" is normally something that Sammy asks.

We got off the Red Line at the library and went inside to play for a while. Sammy, of course, started throwing a temper tantrum in the Library and we decided to bail out earlier than we had planned. Sande was able to get sammy calmed down while waiting for the bus so we decided to try to salvage the rest of the trip and head over downtown. We took the Red Line East to Wabash and headed out for some shopping.
We went over to Aardvark's first and then to Peace Nook. We really wanted to go to Cool Stuff but they weren't open. We then went down to Main Squeeze (our Favortite Restaurant) for lunch and then walked over to Ninth Street Books to let Sammy play with their trains. If you've got a 3 year old, trust me, Ninth Street Books is just about the best place downtown you can take them. The staff is super friendly and very patient. They have a HUGE Thomas the Train set to play with. It's really cool.
Noah even found a book he wanted to buy.
After the book store, we were all pretty much ready to head home so we walked back to Wabash and headed home on the Blue Line East.

Overall we would give the last two days rides a 5 out of 5 again. We really have been having fun with the bus.Tomorrow Sande is going to be taking the bus to work again. Maybe we'll head out to the mall tomorrow night.


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