Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Day Ten

WOW!!! Ten days already!!! Our experiment is 1/3 done and we have learned a lot about how to incorporate the bus into our lives and have met and talked to a whole bunch of new and interesting people.
Today Sande had another class for her work. This time in Columbia. Melinda took the bus from her place at Oak Towers to come spend the day with Sammy again and Sande met her at our regular stop at Rice and Osage. We've been trying to take more pictures of folks riding the bus but have had mixed results. Today, Sande asked two drivers and one passenger if they would mind having their picture on our blog. One driver said yes and the other two folks said no. Our goal is to try to introduce folks to some of the people on the bus so that they can see that the people riding the bus are just like them, regular folks out getting where they need to go.
So anyway, Sande took the Blue Line West from our stop to Wabash and then got on the Orange Line South to take it to her work at Green Meadows Hair Company. Problem was that the class was at the other location, ON THE NORTH SIDE OF TOWN!!!! Another problem is that the Columbia Transit system really hasn't figured out that the fastest growing area of the city is North Columbia and so doesn't have a single bus running north of Blue Ridge. All those folks who live north of 70 and west of 63 are basically out of luck when it comes to taking public transit. Hopefully we'll be able to get bus service at least up Rangeline North maybe to Smiley or something.
Anyway, Sande bummed a ride with one of her coworkers to the class and luckily got there before the class started.
After the class, Sande's friend Patty gave her a ride to Providence and Broadway and Sande walked over to Garth for her appointment with Dr. Hays the chiropractor. Dr. Hays is a pretty cool chiropractor. After her chiropractor appointment, Sande stepped over to the corner of Broadway and Garth and got on the Red Line East in front of the Library and headed off for work.
She connected with the Orange Line South at Wabash and got onto a bus driven by a man with many names.

The driver's name (we think) is John. At least that's what a couple of the other passengers on the bus called him. However, he introduced himself as Cowboy but said he also likes to be called Roscoe!!! Whatever his name, he seemd like a real good natured guy and as long as he doesn't want us to call him some type of dirty word, we'll be happy to give him whatever handle he wants. One thing I've noticed is that many of the drivers use nick names. I'm not real sure why but some of them are pretty entertaining. Only one of the drivers has refused to give us any kind of name, he actually wanted us to call him "Mr. Bus Driver" which I really didn't understand but....whatever.
So, I keep going off on tangents today... Sande got off at her work stop in front of Green Meadows and went into work. The bus doesn't run late enough for her to take it home so Thad picked her up at the end of the shift.
Thad and Sammy had planned on getting on the bus today as well but by the time Thad got home from work, it was raining so they decided to stay home.
Overall, we would give today's rides a 5 out of 5 again. The only down side was that fact that we discovered a whole area of town that is unserved by our transit system. However, the quality of the rides was real good, the busses were right on time and Sande had a real fun time talking with Roscoe J. Cowboy.
Hopefully the weather will be a little better tomorrow so Thad can take Sammy down for the Mayor's Scavenger Hunt. We don't have a team so if anyone out there need another person, please let me know.


At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

john is one of my favorite bus drivers, because of his cool attitude, good relationships w/ passengers, and acalm way of enforceing the rules. It seems as if a lot of drivers are too lenint when it comes to the bus rules, especaily on the buses after school lets out. The buses are so noisy. But John ussally atempts to keep them calm, and defenatly safe.


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