Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Day Nine

The goal for today was just for Sande to get to work on the bus. Thad's mom Melinda took the bus from her place at Oak Towers to our regular stop at Osage and Rice where Sande met Melinda and exchanged Sammy. Melinda took Sammy home and Sande was off to work. With the papers in circulation, we have been noticed on the bus. So when Sande got on the bus no sooner did she get settled then she was recognized by a regular. One thing is for sure that in the morning the regulars really know one another. There really is a whole little comunity of people who ride the bus every day and know each other from their commutes. It's easy to make new friends. We see each other everyday on our commutes to either work, or to Hardees to meet some friends. It seems like a little club.

At Wabash Sande had to pick up her bag that she had left on the Orange line on Friday. Luckily it was full of lunch dishes and no one would have wanted it. It was so simple to get it back. She simply walked in and told the woman at the counter a breif description of the bag left on Friday and she had to sign for it and that was all. Then she still had plenty of time to board the orange line to get to work. No fuss at all. Thank you all for getting my bag back to me. Over all the rides today were pretty smooth and uneventful. So I would have to rate it a 5 out of a possible 5.
While at work, I was able to take advantage of the beautiful day and walk around to some of the businesses around my work to get some errands done. I walked from my job at Green Meadows Hair Company over to the Bank of America at Nifong and Providence. After taking care of my banking, I walked to Walmart and then back to Green Meadows. Then, during my lunch hour, me and my friend Patty got to check out the new Peel's on Providence. Peel's is a beauty supply store and I was able to get some much needed razor blades.
It was cool to be able to walk to my errands during my lunch hour. I got everything done I needed to and got some great exercise also. Sorry no pictures today.
Tommorrow will be a big day. Sande plans to take the bus to Green Meadows Hair Co. in the morning and then to the Chiropractor and back to work. Thad and Sammy will be back on the bus in the afternoon as well.


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