Monday, May 15, 2006

Day Fifteen

Today was another day where Sande need to see her chiropractor again. Sande recently has been having a little problem with her neck and shoulders due to her type of job. She will not continue these frequent trips forever. So naturaly Sammy could not go into the office with her so she had Melinda take the Blue East bus to Ash and Garth and walk the remainder of the distance to the Library. Sande and Sammy were running a little late and missed the bus at our regular stop at Rice and Osage. So we continued down to the stop at Rice and Ballanger. We took the Blue line to the Wabash station and transfered to the Red line to get to the Library so we could meet up with Melinda. Melinda and Sammy went to play at the Library and Sande went to her appointment with Dr. Hays.
After her adjustment she went to spend a few minutes at the Library with Melinda and Sammy. They then got the Red line to go to the Station at Wabash once again. There they said good bye to Melinda, she got the blue line home and Sande and Sammy went up the few blocks to the gym. A great workout and shower and they were off to the blue east line home. Sammy and Sande read on the way home. They made it through all the books they checked out at the library. With a little planning and organization we were able to get all our running done this morning and we were able to spend some valuable family time together while riding the bus. Todays rides would have to be a perfect 5 out of 5 since they were once again on time and the rides were all smooth.


At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is true that in 1965, the city rushed in to replace the failed company. And its also true, by simply reviewing the older routes, that the city has not improved on the old. In fact, they reduced the system back in the early 90's due to budget cuts and slumping rider ship. Infact, the old Tribune articles regarding the systme show how opposed some people were to continueing the entire service! Evan concilepersons didnt want it. Now, I am pretty sure that since the system sort of 're-did' it's self back in '04, a lot of negitivty about Columbia Transit has dropped. This is surly due to the fact that the system runs much more effecintly, and is on time most of the time, a feat hard to do with the system before '04.

And mamby because its slightly gotten better, people in Colmubia will be more likly to approve of a new system. I personly would like to see the number of routes grow more than a new station, but if a new station helps as well, the better I suppose. By 2015, the system should have at least grown by about 4 or 5 routes, since there needed without a doubt. If more routes exsist, than people will likly board the bus. By 2015, buses should run all days of the week, and have much earlyer hours and much later ones as well. By the year 2015, more busses should be running along the routes, that way frequincy is improved form the currnet 40-min. rush period, and 80-min. off peak periods.

I heard that the buses will soon have electronic cards to pay fairs. That would make the buses modren, mamby evan respected. Hey, anything should be done to improve the buses image to Columbia. Replacing those destantion signs with eletric ones would be a good move, because the currnet ones always seem to be ripped.

There are may ways CT can both improve its service and its image. Sure, the cost will be high, probly in the millions, but if people ride them, than it will be worth it. Hopefuly the 'Community Visioning' plan will help get the word of needed system improvment out to the genral public.

At 2:47 PM, Anonymous CT Driver said...

Here's what I hear as a driver:

The new farebox additions should be "live" by mid to late June. Transfers and passes will be scanner read by passing through a special reader affixed to the existing fare boxes.

Electronic signs were not purchased with the new buses that arrived in 2001 due to monetary concerns. As these buses are replaced the new buses will all have electronic destination signs!

A new route (the "Gold" route) will be in place some time late this Summer or early Fall and will take in portions of old Hwy. 63 and Campus View Apartments (the latter of which is taken in by the Orange Route, which should help improve the timeliness of that line!).

Other routes and improvements to CT are in the planning. The City Council has taken a much more transit-friendly attitude in the last few years. If you would like to have a say in what kinds of improvements are made in the system let your city councilperson know! They're the ones that make the decisions.


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