Monday, May 08, 2006

Day Eight

Today was a pretty light day as far as our bus travels go. Sande is in Saint Louis attending some continuing training with her job at Green Meadows Hair Company (they are required to take 4 classes/year) so I am a bachelor today.
Being the rebel that I am I decided to spend my afternoon alone going to.... you guessed it, the grocery store. It was a completely different experience for me to be on the bus without Sammy and/or Sande. I had a couple of real good conversations with other people on the bus.
The Tribune and Missourian both ran stories today on our experiment. We were blown away by the Multimedia piece Gerry did and we appreciated the work that both papers put into the project. I put a link to the article over in the Link side bar. Check them out.
Anyway, enough of that stuff. Back to my bus ride. I headed up to the our regular stop at Osage and Rice. As is my habit, I missed the bus. So I hurried down to the corner of Ballenger and Rice to catch the bus on its return trip from Indian Hills. The thing about today's rides were that they were really quiet. I guess it was because there weren't any children on the busses I was on, or maybe it was just because MY CHILD wasn't on the bus!!! Sammy has a way of livening things up when he's around!!!
Anyway, I got on the bus and took the time to look around. The Columbia busses are FULL of artwork. I guess that Columbia Transit must have some sort of agreement to display children's artwork. It's really cool!!! It's kind of like getting a peek at what must be on everyone else's refrigerators all across Columbia. I usually notice the artwork because I'm always getting these types of presents from Sammy and sticking them on our refridgerator at home. Two of the pictures today really stood out to me though.

If you notice one of the busses is multicolored and driving under a bright sunny sky while the one right next to it is painted gray and driving under a stormy sky. The fact that these two pictures were right next to each other made me think that riding the bus is kind of that way. Sometimes the rides are really good, like today. Sometimes the rides are not so good, like Friday night for Sande. But the other thing I noticed about the two pictures was that both were really cool pictures and equally beautifull in their own way. The bus is like that too...
Enough philosophy.
The Blue Line took me to Wabash where I got immediately on the Red Line headed west to go to Gerbes. I've since found out that I could have gone to Clovers' new store at Eastgate, but I didn't know that at the time. My plan was to head over to the farmer's market behind the ARC, get everything I could there, and then head over to Gerbes to finish up. Apparently I got my information wrong because the Farmer's Market wasn't there. So I went to Gerbes.
I've really got to learn how to shop when I'm on the bus because I bought too much stuff again. I can't help it when I go to Gerbes. Their prices on Organic produce is really the best in town, I think and I ended up probably getting more than I needed (yes, Sande left me a list before she left today, but I've kind of got a problem following directions sometimes, I think every wife out there is probably married to a guy like me when it comes to doing what we're told).
I got done with my shopping and had a five minute wait befor ethe bus got there. I was surprised to see two more guys with arms full of grocery bags standing at the stop. I was even more surprised when I got to Wabash and noticed a whole bunch of folks (all men) carrying bags of groceries home on the bus!!!
On the way home from Wabash, I had a good conversation with a man I've talked to a couple of times before. I don't know his name but he's a good conversationalist and we talked all the way home. He said he had seen the article in the Trib and we talked about that and the price of gas. It was good conversation and defintiely not one I would have been able to have had I been in my car...alone.
I got off at my regular stop and walked home. I was surprised at how quickly it went. I had bought two bags of frozen berries and was able to get home before they got thawed out.
Overall I would give this ride a 4.5 out of a possible 5 I enjoyed the fact that I was able to go from bus to bus, not wait a long time for the return bus and get right home. I also really appreciated the conversation I was able to have and the relaxed environment of the bus. I know for a fact that I wouldn't have saved any time at all by taking my car because I essentially had no wait times today. As I said about the mall on Saturday, between the promptness of the bus, the fact that I don't have to worry about parking, and the cost savings of leaving my car in the garage, I don't see why anyone would want not take the bus to the grocery store. For those folks who are concerned enough about buying fresh food to go to the store regularly and often, I think the bus beats driving hands down!!!


At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Simmons,

Thanks for letting the media follow you around. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known about your blog which has been intresting. I sort of always assumed riding the bus would be scary (becuase it would be full of unsavory characters just waiting to snatch your purse or something). I don't have any idea why I thought that, but your blog has totally changed my opinion and I think I might try taking the bus on errands sometimes.

At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, how do find out about where the bus stops and when and all that stuff?

At 12:38 PM, Blogger The Simmons Family said...

On the LINKS Section of my blog (on the right side of the page) there is a link that's titled "RIDE THE BUS!!!!".
Click on the link and it will take you to the bus company's web page. There is a link from there titled bus schedules or bus routes...anyway, you'll find it. Good Luck!!!

At 3:44 PM, Anonymous CT Driver said...

Sounds like another A+ day for you on CT! Great.

I just have to point out for folks reading this to remember when riding the bus to keep the number of grocery bags to a minimum of those you can personally control. It's too easy for uncontrolled bags to turn over and spill your purchases on the floor-- sometimes creating a hazard.

Personally I prefer paper bags for riding the bus. They sit flat and upright on the floor and keep your stuff from rolling out of the bag. Some even have handles for easy carrying.

At 3:49 PM, Anonymous CT Driver said...

You can also call (573) 874-7282 for information on bus stops, routes, detours, etc. If you request it the folks at the Wabash can also send you a schedule/map in the mail.


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