Thursday, May 18, 2006

Day 16, 17 and 18

Tuesday...... The main goal was once again for Sande to get to work at Green Meadows Hair Company. We did usuall exchange at Rice and Osage of Sammy. Melinda gets off the bus and I get on the bus. I get the Orange line to work and then that was that. The rides were smooth and on time. I had to have Melinda and Sammy come pick me up at work since the buses do not run late enough on those days.

Wed.......... There was no need for me to take the bus for errands. We have been working hard on potty training so staying home as much as possible is a must. I had to take the car to work since once again the buses do not run late enough.
Although Melinda had to go to a Doctors visit. She had to have Thad pick her up since her visit lasted past the time of the bus schedule.

Thursday..... Today.. Goal for today is to have Melinda take the bus to Osage and Rice. There I will pick her up and drive to work. There is a Twilight Cruise at the MU Arena and Green Meadows Hair Company and Spa is participating in it. So I will need transportation to that and home.


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