Sunday, April 30, 2006

In The Beginning.....

Here we go!!!!
Our experiment on the Columbia Rapid Transit busses officially begins May 1st. We've had a couple of rides just to get in the swing of things already and so far so good. We'll be updating this blog periodically to provide updates and insights into our experiences on the bus and the things we find to do in Columbia.
The picture above was taken during our first family bus ride. We were standing on the sidewalk on Broadway next to the Indian food place waiting to cross the street. Sande had her camera and took this shot of me and Sammy in the backpack. We had a great time that day. Sande turned around and saw the old Baptist Church building with the steeple shrouded by clouds and took the following picture.

Columbia really is a beautiful city and a terrific place to live and raise a family. Sande and I moved here from Saint Louis. Needless to say, we like Columbia a lot better!!!

The day after we took these pictures was Earth Day. You know I've been to Peace Park a whole bunch of times but never when there was an event going on. It really reminded me of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco that day. Everyone was hanging out, listening to good music and generally enjoying themselves. We had a blast!!!! I especially enjoyed the people watching. So many people in tie-dyes, I think I might have had a flashback!!!! In general I think tie-dyes make anyone who wears them look like crap but when you get so many people together all wearing tie-dyes...well it was something to see believe me. I really appreciated Columbia that day, we all had a good time. Here are a couple of pictures from Earth Day.

Sande took this one of me and Sammy listening to the Hillary Scott Band. She's awesome!!!

We saw this guy who made drums out of clay, they sounded great and Sammy had a lot of fun playing them too!!!!

Well that's all for now. We'll be riding the bus all month and will try to update this blog as often as we can.